5 Reasons to try yoga in the greenhouse this year

Updated: Jan 18

By: Katie Latimer

Yoga is a great way to reduce stress, meet new people and find inner peace. The Always June Organic Greenhouse located in Niagara Falls and hosted by Abbey Morris is a great place to start or resume your yoga journey. Is a regular studio becoming repetitive? Is Covid making it hard to find a calming and fulfilling practice? Abbey and some of her amazing colleagues will take you on the most unique experiences that incorporate the natural essence of yoga using what nature has to offer. Mind and body connection is also an important element that allows us to connect with our authentic selves. With this in mind, please consider some of the benefits of the greenhouse today and what this natural atmosphere has to offer.

Immersive connection to nature

While we all know that nature can have mental and physical benefits when we go for a short walk, nature allows us to become calmer and more present in our surroundings. This is something particularly vital in any yoga practice. Whether in downward dog, savasana or crow, the natural aroma and setting of the greenhouse will heighten your self-awareness, allow you to be mindful of your body and practice breathing techniques through various challenging poses. When we know our atmosphere is calm, we can reflect this within our own thoughts and stabilize our practice.

Support your local farm

Vegetables that grow are available for purchase at the Always June Market shop on the farm. The greenhouse allows you to see the natural process of the vegetables grown during your yoga lesson and the significant environmental benefits of buying from your local farmers. After a Saturday practice, feel free to stop at the market and pick up some of your favourite vegetables! You can find information about Always June Organic farm here: https://www.alwaysjune.ca/.

Health Benefits

While the greenhouse is inside, light shines through the ceiling to gain the Vitamin D you need for your body. With the pandemic hitting and with more time spent inside, we are lacking the nutrients that help boost our energy and mood. So while you're enjoying a lovely practice with your instructor, you will receive nutrients in the process that can be beneficial for your long-term health. Some health benefits from the sun include an increased immune system, stronger bones and muscles and decreased anxiety.

A smaller, intimate atmosphere

The greenhouse provides a smaller atmosphere where classmates can learn and grow together in their yoga practice. Whether a beginner or a returning yogi, the greenhouse allows students to choose from a variety of unique events such as astrology night with Nancy and Candlelit Yin. And what's better than a yoga practice where you are surrounded by people you know and can become connected with? Yoga is not just about looking inward, but growing and developing as a community!

Unique experience and connection with instructors

Get a chance to talk to instructors about any of your own concerns, improve on your yoga experience and learn information on upcoming events that you might be interested in. This is something you won’t get at a larger studio where yoga teachers can be very busy, so take advantage!

For more information on my Abbey's weekly offerings, private sessions Yoga Classes please visit my website: www.yogabyabbey.com

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