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Soul Homecoming

A seven day holistic journey back to the soul at Peace Retreat in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. 

November 19th-25th, 2023

Soul Homecoming

I often describe my own yoga journey as a homecoming to the soul, as I truly believe that yoga saved my life. Through the path of yoga I was able to overcome my struggle with mental health and battle with anorexia nervosa. I believe it is my dharma (soul's purpose) to create a safe space for people to find healing and hope, and translate these ancients teachings in a modern way to help others evolve.

I stayed at Peace Retreat in Costa Rica in November of 2021 for an Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist Training with Kevin (Owner of Peace Retreat) and his partner Serena and felt the magic of the spot instantly. I knew in my heart I would be back to share this place with others along with my teaching.

The intention of this journey is to retreat back to your inner essence. Each day will carry a theme that will build a path to the soul while you immerse yourself in holistic healing practices, self discovery and group connection. This experience is for anyone who wishes to raise their vibration and get to know themselves on a deeper level.


What's Included

-Group Shuttle Transportation to and from Liberia Airport.

-Three nourishing plant based meals per day.

-Daily yoga practices

-Daily meditation practice

-Daily journal and self reflection activities

-Daily sound healing sessions

-Temazcal Sweat Lodge Ceremony (led by Shamen)

-Cacao Ceremony (led by Shamen)

-3 nature based excursions

- Five interactive yogic/ Ayurvedic workshops

-Free time to explore & relax

-Option to add on surfing lessons or spa services

Pricing & Packages

Jungle Bungalow Retreat Package

Entire retreat for $1940.00 USD per person (shared occupancy) or have the bungalow to yourself for a total of $2295.95 USD.

These bungalows feature air conditioning, handmade teak wood furniture, two single beds, an en suite bathroom, and a large private terrace.

Casa Yoga Retreat Package:

Entire Retreat for $1840.00 USD per person (shared occupancy) or have the room to yourself for a total cost of $2195.95 USD.

The Casa Yoga rooms are apart of the main retreat building. They have two single beds and a private bathroom.

Sold Out

A-Frame Cabina Retreat Package:

Entire Retreat for $1790.00 USD per person (shared occupancy) or have a private Cabina for $2095.10 USD

The Cabinas each have two single beds with access to the shared community bathroom.

Sold Out
Sold Out

Casa Verde Retreat Package:

Entire Retreat for $1730.00 USD per person.

Shared space with six distinct private quarters with a single bed in each and access to the community bathroom.

Sold Out

*Check in is at 3:00pm on Sunday November 19th. We will have our first group activity (retreat opening ceremony) after dinner that evening.


Q & A

Q: Are payment plans available?

A: Yes. Please contact Abbey directly at to set up your payment plan.

Q: Will there be gluten free food options available?

A: Yes! We are able to accommodate gluten free.

Q: Do I need any yoga or other experience to participate?

A: No! A retreat is a wonderful way to immerse yourself into the practices of yoga.

Q: Are flights included?

A: No. You will need to book your own flight to the Liberia Airport.

Q: What airport should I fly into?

A: The Liberia Airport in Costa Rica.

Q: Can I request to share a room with my friend also coming?

A: Yes!

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