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Journey to Sattva

An immersive ayurvedic yoga retreat in the jungle to awaken to your true nature

March 21st-28th 2025, Tulum, Mexico

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Sattva: A state of harmony, balance & ease

 Life in many countries around the world has become fast paced and highly overstimulating. The word for this in ayurveda is rajastic or rajas, the energy of hyperactivity. Feeling stressed has become normalized and continues to be at the source of many illnesses.


 Sattva is our true nature. When we embrace a sattvic lifestyle we embody our own inner peace. Sattva is the energy of balance, harmony and ease. It guides us on a path of wellbeing, towards swastha, optimal health.

This immersive week-long journey is an opportunity to recalibrate your being through reconnecting to self and embracing your innate connection to mother earth and her elements. 

You will walk away with the tools to continue embodying this sattvic state in your daily living and a profound inspiration to use them.

Together we will honour that we are human BE-ings and not human "do-ings" and stand fearlessly in our worthiness of slowing down.

Our home for the week

Surrounded by the elements within the Mayan Jungle, Paledora campus & retreat centre, located in Tulum, Mexico, will be our eco-friendly home for the week. This community focused space provides eco-hospitality and plenty of tranquil jungle vibes. Enjoy farm to table meals made with love to nourish your whole being. Take a dip in the pool, a snooze on the hammock, visit the on-site cave, or explore the various exotic cenotes within walking distance of the property!

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What's Included

-Daily guided pranayama & meditation sessions

-Daily Ayurvedic cleansing practices

-Daily morning yoga asana practices

-Evening restorative yoga, yin yoga or yoga nidra and sound bath sessions

-Daily self-reflection and group connection

-Healing sound journey in a natural cave

-Three nourishing farm to table meals per day

-Mayan Welcome Ceremony (with local experts)

-Seven immersive yogic & ayurvedic workshops

  • Align with your true nature through Ayurveda

  • Activate Your Life Force (breathwork & intuitive energy practices)

  • Meditation & The Mind

  • Ignite Your Agni (digestive fire)

  • The Yamas and Niyamas

  • Letting go of Samskaras (impressions on the subconscious)

  • Abhyanga (ayurvedic self-massage) workshop at the beach

-Mayan Temezcal Ceremony (sweat lodge, with local experts)

-Mayan Cacao Ceremony (with local experts)

-Guided tour of the Mayan Ruins & snorkeling in a cenote

-Time to relax at two different beautiful beaches in Tulum

-Sacred fire release ceremony

-Cenote exploration (natural sinkholes)

-Free time to relax and explore in the jungle

-Seven night's stay at the beautiful Dora Campus (complimentary in your retreat package)

-A detailed participant workbook to guide your journey

Retreat Packages

The Minimalist Retreat Package

Retreat with a private hotel-style room. Enjoy air-conditioning and an en-suite bathroom.

Share the room with a friend or one other retreat participant

(double occupancy):

$2,200.00 USD/ per person

Enjoy your own private room:

$2,500.00 USD

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The Social Butterfly Package:

Retreat with a shared room within the Campus Villa.

Enjoy air conditioning, an en-suite washroom, private balcony & cozy spaces to lounge within the villa.

Share the room with a friend or one other retreat guest

(double occupancy):

$2,300.00 USD/ per person

Enjoy your own private room:

$2,800.00 USD

The Jungle Comfort Package:

Retreat with a spacious jungle apartment.

Enjoy air conditioning, an en-suite washroom, living room & kitchen.

Share the apartment with a friend or another retreat participant (double occupancy):

$2,400.00 USD/ per person

Enjoy your own private apartment:

$3,000.00 USD

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*In alignment with the the travel law of Ontario, accommodation and transportation are not included in retreat pricing, your accommodation is complimentary with the purchase of your retreat package.


Your Retreat Host & Guide

Hi I'm Abbey Morris!

I believe that yoga is a homecoming to the truest and most authentic version of myself. My retreats are inspired by my own healing journey where I set myself free from a dangerous eating disorder, severe anxiety and debilitating digestive issues by immersing myself in the wisdom of yoga and ayurveda. It is my mission to translate this ancient wisdom in a modern way to help you embody your true nature and set yourself free from your own limiting beliefs.

My Qualifications:

-ERYT 500hr with Yoga Alliance (Soma Yoga Institute, Svadyaya Yoga School)

-Certified Meditation Instructor (Hoame Meditation Studio)

-Certificate in the Foundations of Mindfulness (McMaster University)

-Certified Sound Healer (GLOW School of Sound Healing)

-Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist (Swastha Yoga International)

-Yin Yoga (Soulfire Yoga)

-Yoga For Aging Populations (Cheryl Gordon)

-Yoga for Eating Disorders (Yoga for Eating Disorders)

Not Included in Retreat Package:

-International Flight to Cancun or Tulum Airport

-Transportation to and from Dora Campus from Airport (assistance to arrange your transportation to the retreat location is available upon booking your flight)

-Alcoholic Beverages

Apply Today

Click the button below to fill out the Journey to Sattva retreat application form.


This form allows you to request a payment plan, select your desired retreat package and ask questions!

Secure your spot with a $500.00 USD deposit.

Apply by September 1st 2024 & save $100.00 USD with the early bird discount.

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