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Class Schedule

Group therapy

Peer to Peer Support

Eating Disorder Support Ages 18+

Every Tuesday morning online via zoom at 9:00-10:00am

In this group I take the role of the moderator. It is a safe and inclusive space to connect with others with a similar lived experience. There is no diagnosis needed to participate in this group. This group is for ALL types of Eating Disorders. Many past participants of this group report feeling understood in their experience and less alone. I am there to guide the conversation, answer questions and hold a safe container of space.

This group is "pay what you can". There is no payment upon registration. When you are finished our session you will receive an email asking you about your experience and with an option to leave a donation.

If you have further questions about this group, please email me at

"I’ve had the luxury of participating in Abbey’s classes and it’s been an experience like no other. Her knowledge, presentation and “aura” instantly radiate through to others. You leave her class with this overall feeling of peace, self discovery and reflection. And, anticipation to return!
Abbey, you truly are a gem and this is your calling!"

— Myra Montgomery

"Enjoying a yoga class at this studio is an experience like no other. I appreciate Abbey's attention to detail and thoughtfulness that she infuses into every aspect of our sessions. I especially enjoy the sound bath during our final resting pose in every class. I always leave feeling restored, refreshed and well rested. Thank you Abbey!"

— Cassandra Bradshaw

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