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Private Sessions with Abbey


Throughout my journey as a 500hr ERYT, Meditation and Mindfulness Educator, Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, Yoga for Eating Disorders Instructor and Sound Healer, I have found a passion in working one to one with folks through customized programming to help them shift towards the highest version of themselves.


As my personal journey through yoga to where I am today as an instructor derives from my own journey through mental health and recovery from anorexia, I have experienced first hand how these practices can bring us from a place of mental chaos to one of self compassion and peace.


I believe it is my Dharma (life's purpose) to translate these ancient teachings and practices in a modern way that ignites the inner light within us all and brings us back home to the truest version of ourselves. Anyone can benefit from working one to one, you do not need any experience to begin!


Book a private session with me for you or your group to enjoy a personalized experience on the mat! Together we will work toward your goals whether they be physical, mental or spiritual through customized sessions. Throughout my journey I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of special groups including sports teams, school-aged youth, corporate teams, folks struggling with mental health & families. How would personal yoga sessions look for you?


Book a free 15 minute discovery call with Abbey.


Private Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation Sessions:

$80.00 per 60 minutes for up to two yogis with each additional student at $20.00 each. These sessions may include personalized yoga instruction, mindfulness practices and/or meditation and incorporate sound healing at the end based on the desires and goals of the student or group. I specialize in combining my experience and skills to curate a completely personalized and healing yogic experience.

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Personalized 1:1 Ayurvedic Yoga Sessions:

$110.00 for 90 minutes of one to one instruction. These sessions will specifically look at your unique makeup as per Ayurveda and the 3 Doshas or combination of elements that work to make us and all things unique. Through answering some questions in conversation or filling out a short quiz before your session we will arrive at what we may need to focus on to bring us back into harmony and balance, mind body and spirit. These sessions may include, educational conversation and learning, a tailored yoga class to your needs, breath work, meditation and incorporation of the crystal singing bowls.

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Private Sound Bath Sessions:

$90.00 for 60 minutes for up to two yogis with each additional student at $20.00. In this session you will relax comfortably using props or whatever you need to make yourself as relaxed as possible. In stillness, experience the transformative power of the crystal singing bowls and sound instruments for the entire hour, shifting your brainwave state to the state we are in during REM sleep! As sound healing impacts your brain wave state, this in turn impacts our nervous system, emotional body, physical body and even the hormones we secret! Sound literally has the power to create change throughout the entire body. Through the different notes and combinations, I am able to tailor this experience to the healing desires of the student and/or group.

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**Private sessions may take place at the studio or you may host at an additional cost for transportation and travel depending on your destination. Private yoga sessions and sound baths are a fabulous addition to your next get together, or reason to gather friends and family in gratitude! To book your private session, please email me directly at and begin the journey home to yourself.

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