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Eating Disorder Tools & Resources

Upcoming Programs

For folks struggling with an eating disorder/disordered eating/body image challenges, “doing” yoga on a mat may not always feel the safest or most inviting and THAT IS OKAY! Perhaps you wish to expand your knowledge of Yoga or learn about how to apply the philosophies to your recovery. This program will empower you to explore alternative ways to connect with Yoga in your life.

Each session will include a mindfulness practice, teaching about an aspect of Yoga, discussion, and personal reflection. A pdf course booklet will be provided to guide your reflection and expand your learning.

This special class series will meet on Zoom on Wednesdays at 4 to 5:30 PM EST from March 16 -April 20. Join the live class or follow along with the recordings (Note: Only the teacher will be recorded, not the participants). 

These classes are taught from a trauma informed, eating disorder informed, and mental health informed perspective and are accessible for all bodies. All are welcome. No prior yoga or meditation experience required.

Yoga for Eating Disorders Course

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Virtual Peer to Peer Support

On Fridays at 12:00 pm, I will be leading a peer-to-peer support group hosted by Pay What You Can Peer To Peer Support. The first three Fridays in each month, join me in my Mindfulness and Mental Health Support Group. Every fourth Friday of the month will be for Eating Disorder Support, ages 17 and under. All are welcome, pay what you can.  

Each group session will begin with a brief mindfulness exercise to add to your coping toolbox, such as a breathing exercise. The rest of the time will be dedicated to open discussion around how we can use these skills to cope out in the world and become more mindful. 

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Featured Articles

Mental Health interview at Brock

Last year,  I talked to Brock News about how being an active athlete changed how I viewed my own mental health and the conflicts that I endured during my early adult years. Below you can find the full article found on the Brock News Website:

Yoga For Eating Disorder Website Library

These practices are led by yoga teachers who have completed their Yoga and Eating Disorders Mentoring Group program, including me! There are various practices that include movement and mindful work. This is a great resource to find healing in support of your recovery.

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Covid and Mental Health Article

This article is a great resource for solutions to improve your mental health through exercise. I am featured in this article and discuss some solutions to staying active with the right mindset.

Niagara Local News Interview

Here is another article where I talk about the benefits of yoga. This resource specifically goes into the different types of yoga and what it means to study and become a beginner yogi.