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Soul Revival Sunset Sound Bath

Recalibrate your being through the power of healing sound from the crystal singing bowls and other various sound healing instruments while immersed in the healing elements of nature on Sunset Beach in St. Catharines.


Grab your favourite beach blanket and whatever you need to get cozy in the sand and prepare to drift off into a restorative state of bliss. Sound Healing impacts our brain wave state, harmlessly shifting us to a theta or delta brain wave state, similar to the one we are in when we experience REM sleep.


In this blissful state of receptivity, our bodies are more easily able to heal, and we are more receptive to our own intentions on a subconscious level. Our brain wave state effects our nervous system, which impacts our physical body, our emotions and even the hormones we secrete.


Each of the notes of my collection of crystal singing bowls resonate with the energetic centres of the body, the chakra system. The vibrations help to shift stagnant energy in the body, helping us come back to into alignment and feeling good.

Friday June 2nd 

Sunset Beach, St. Catharines

(if you are looking at the water we will be to the far left on the beach)


Investment: $17.00

Meditation Immersive with Abbey

This is an experience for those interested in taking a deep dive into the practice of meditation. This three hour workshop is intended to educate, inspire and enhance your personal meditation practice, while adding meaning to your experience. You will leave this workshop with the confidence to embrace the practice of meditation in your personal life and enter into a deeper relationship with yourself.

This workshop will contain both informational and experiential components. Together we will explore the following.

-The Science of Meditation

-The Benefits of Meditation; Physical, Mental and Spiritual

-Basic Chanting for Stimulating the Vegas Nerve

-Pranayama (breathing techniques for relaxation)

-Various styles of meditation including Mantra Meditation, Mindfulness Meditation, Trataka Meditation, Vipassana Meditation, Walking Meditation & Mindful Eating.

-Foundations for a Consistent Self Practice

-The Science & Power of Sound

-Group Sound Bath & Yoga Nidra

-Self Reflection

This workshop also includes access to three guided 10 minute meditations to help you commit to your practice after the workshop.

Sunday June 4th 

Yoga by Abbey


Investment: $75.00


June Full Moon Circle

The June Full Moon occurs in the fiery sign of Sagittarius. The full moon in sagittarius occurs when the sun is in Gemini and the Moon is in Sagittarius. It is believed that in this opposition, Gemini rules the lower mind, inviting us to think with logic, while Sagittarius rules the higher mind, inviting us consider ideas that expand beyond the here and now. Sagittarius is a spiritual sign that loves to travel. Perhaps this is the motivation you need to book the trip you have always dreamed about.


Learn more about this fascinating astrological event and harness its energy for personal evolution with myself and Nancy Drope in our powerful Full Moon ritual at Yoga by Abbey.


This event begins with an astrology discussion expanding on the themes of this Full Moon with astrology expert Nancy Drope. You will receive your own personal horoscope for this full moon based on your rising sign in astrology and guided to use the oracle cards to help you cultivate an intention for your full moon practice.


I will then guide us through an intentional Yang to Yin yoga practice that takes us on a journey through the themes of this full moon, while helping us to release the energy that no longer serves us. Modifications are always provided to make this practice suitable for all levels of ability.


Our yoga practice will end in Savasana pose, relaxed and prepared to receive a healing sound bath from myself and Nancy. Allow the vibrations of the crystal singing bowls, sacred gong, and other sound healing instruments to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.


After our practice you are invited to burn away what no longer serves your highest good written on paper paper in our ceremonial burning pot!

Saturday June 3rd


Yoga by Abbey

Investment: $45.00

Yang to Yin & Sound Bath in Rennie Park

Surround yourself with the elements of nature, harmonize the yang and yin energies in the body, and become immersed in the vibration of healing sound with me at Rennie Park in Port Dalhousie. This spot is a Yoga by Abbey tradition. It is where I first started holding my own classes during the pandemic! We love the energy at this spot overlooking the water under the big willow trees.


Yang to Yin is a practice that begins with a Vinyassa flow, a more energetic style of yoga connecting movement with breath. About halfway through we seamlessly transition into our yin energy, holding postures on the ground for longer periods of time.


During the yin portion of our practice and leading us into Savasana I will bathe us all in the healing vibrations of the crystal singing bowls and other sound healing instruments. The singing bowls allow us to drop into our meditative state more easily and more deeply, a very restorative and healing experience for the nervous system.


Modifications are always provided to make this practices accessible for all levels of ability.


Please bring a yoga mat, water bottle and blanket for Savasana.

Wednesday June 7th 6:30-8:30pm

Saturday June 17th 9:00-10:00am

In Rennie Park, Port Dalhousie

(60 Lakeport Rd, St. Catharines)

(From the parking lot next to Rennie Park where Thistle Bookshop & Captains Cafe are located, walk straight towards the water's edge towards the grand stands.)

Investment: $17.00


Goddess Circle

The Goddess circle is an evening of self discovery, community healing and getting out of your comfort zone! Together we celebrate the divine feminine by going inwards, setting intentions, and releasing together all that no longer serves us through ceremonial practices.

This evening will begin at the studio with an opening sound meditation, intention setting and sharing to help us establish our WHY for being here.

We then enjoy a movement practice together featuring an intentional sequence of yoga postures, intuitive movement and dance. Our movement practice will help us shift energy around in our body, get us out of our comfort zone, and  help us connect to and celebrate our bodies!

After our movement practice we enjoy some fresh air together as we walk to the park for our picnic, intention burning and sharing circle. Here we will each have an opportunity to share out loud what we are letting go of that blocks us from living as our highest selves and have a turn burning our writing in the sacred flame, sending the intention up into the ether.

We will walk back to the studio together for a candle lit Yoga Nidra and sound bath. Yoga Nidra is a sacred meditative practice that takes the practitioner on a journey from the physical body through the subtle body where we manifest our intention deep within the core of our being.


The vibrations of the crystal singing bowls will help bring us into a deeply restorative state where we can best receive this sacred practice.

There is no yoga experience required to attend this event. Just an open mind and heart!


All components of this event are intentional and sequenced in a way to promote your personal transformation and healing.

Friday June 9th


Yoga by Abbey

Investment: $65.00

Advanced Shakti Breath & Sound Immersive

This experience will start with Jodi leading us in a (mostly) standing, quicker paced Shakti Breath Class using rhythm, sound and movement. Though we will be moving through the practice at a steady pace, the class will still be accessible, as modifications are always available. The session is designed to regulate the nervous system, increase cardiovascular capacity, and fill your being with joy, vitality and radiance.


I will then seamlessly guide us from the Shakti Breath session into the realm of Bliss! We will enjoy an immersive sound healing experience to continue to transmute and integrate the energy that we have accessed and activated through the breath work. You will lay comfortably in Savasana pose or supported by props while your nervous system bathes in the healing vibrations of the crystal singing bowls.


The frequency and sound of the crystal singing bowls has the ability to shift our brainwave state to one similar to REM sleep. This is very healing for our nervous system, physical body, mind and can even help balance our hormones. These sacred instruments have the ability to deliver healing throughout our entire body.


Come ready to get your energy moving and, as always, to have FUN.

Saturday June 10th


Yoga by Abbey

Investment: $30.00


Indian Head Massage & Sound Bath

Enjoy a calming & healing mini head massage experience with Certified Indian Head Massage Therapist Markie Keddy (she/her), while I guide us through a tranquil journey of healing sound with the crystal singing bowls and various other sound healing instruments.


Indian head massage, also known as ‘champissage’, is a treatment that focuses on massaging energy-relieving points called marmas in Ayurveda (or acupressure points) along the head, neck, and shoulders. Massaging these points revitalize our three higher chakras — body, mind & spirit. The massage is gentle and rhythmic helping to clear congestion in the nerve pathways to relieve pressure and pain from tense muscles, sinus congestion, tired eyes and to encourage the drainage of lymph, increase circulation and restore energy balance.


Warm oil will be used on the scalp portion of the massage which does not only feel lovely, it can also help with replenishing dry hair, strengthening hair roots & promoting hair growth.


(If you would prefer not to have oil used or have any allergies, please let us know the day of the event).


Sound healing is the perfect addition to this rejuvenating treatment, as the powerful vibrations of the crystal singing bowls shift our brain wave state to a very restorative state, allowing us to relax deeper. We become more receptive to our own healing and can allow the vibrations to further promote the alignment of the chakras. Please bring a yoga mat and a water bottle. There will be extra yoga mats if you need to borrow. You will also be given a bolster and blanket to help you relax on your back.

Sunday June 11th: 10:30-12:00pm

Wednesday June 28th: 7:30-9:00pm

at Yoga by Abbey

Investment: $55.00

Arm Balances, Headstands & Handstands

Flip your perspective with me in this 90 minute workshop experience focusing on arm balances, headstands and headstands. Together we will safely break down and work on postures such as crow pose, side crow pose, firefly pose, flying pigeon pose, forearm stand, headstand and handstand. It is recommended that you are able to hold yourself up in a high plank position to attempt these advanced postures safely.


Whether you are new to yoga inversions or a practiced practitioner this workshop is sure to challenge your strength, bring you out of your comfort zone, and enhance your body awareness. You will surprise yourself with how these postures feel when approached with the correct technique.


In this workshop we will work both independently and as a group, learning progressions that help us work towards each posture. There will be moments where you are able to work on the progression or step that you are on, while I come around and provide one to one assistance and hands on support to those who desire.


Your safety is my top priority in this workshop.

Previous to becoming an advanced Yoga instructor, I spent many years as a cheerleading, acrobatics and tumbling coach. I have experience with helping hundreds of folks safely learn to hold themselves up while upside down and am confident in my ability to support you!


If you have any questions about this workshop and if it is right for you, please email me directly at

Wednesday June 14th


Yoga by Abbey

Investment: $30.00


Slow Flow, Hypnosis & Sound Bath

Hypnosis is a natural state of openness and receptivity as the subconscious mind comes forward, and we allow the conscious, critical mind to take a well-deserved rest and step back. The subconscious realm is where our deeply-held beliefs about ourselves and the world live; beliefs that were formed throughout your life based on what you learned and experienced, with the intention of ensuring your needs are met and you are kept safe. However, sometimes the familiar (even the uncomfortable) feels “safer” to the subconscious than the unknown - even if what you truly desire for yourself is on the other side. And, sometimes those beliefs that kept you safe as a child simply aren’t supportive of your full expression and alignment as an adult. By working with the subconscious, we can gently create shifts that serve as updates to old beliefs, helping you become more and more of who you really are. 

This special experience will begin with a slow flow yoga practice that moves intentionally from posture to posture to help you tune in and feel your movement and breath internally. Our practice will help centre our awareness and relax the nervous system while preparing the mind and body for stillness. We will finish practice in a comfortable position laying down, readying us for our hypnosis and sound bath.

Accompanied by the sacred crystal singing bowls to promote your shift into the deeply relaxing, healing theta space of subconscious receptivity, you’ll be gently guided into hypnosis by Christine. From here, you’ll be assisted to release what you are ready to, which may be negative emotions and associations that aren’t serving you in your day-to-day life - whether that be in the beliefs you hold true about yourself, the thoughts that stem from unhelpful, limiting beliefs, or stuck emotions like anger, fear, worry, sadness, grief, disappointment, or whatever it is for you. A release can really feel like a weight is lifted from your shoulders. Using the power of vivid imagination, emotion, language and tapping into your senses, we’ll fill the space by building and nurturing the feelings and beliefs that will support you going forward. 

This group hypnosis experience will be immensely gentle and supportive. You always retain your personal power of choice to determine what you are ready to release, and your subconscious mind will only bring forward what you are ready to feel and heal. Afterwards, you’ll be given time to reflect and record your learnings and insights.

To prepare for our session:

-Please complete the brief intake form upon registration. Your responses will be kept confidential by Christine, and will be used to formulate and guide the hypnosis that is provided. This allows each person to have an individualized experience.


-Bring a yoga mat, water bottle, notebook and pen

Christine DuRoss is a certified hypnotherapist and social worker. She has a private practice and sees clients for counselling and hypnotherapy throughout Ontario. Her foundational belief is that every person’s life is meaningful and worthwhile, and that people have the capacity to overcome and heal. She works holistically, integrating subconscious work with wellness, psychology and neuroscience for the purpose of collaborating, supporting, and empowering clients to feel capable of navigating what comes their way. 

Upcoming Dates:

Saturday June 17th 2:30-4:30pm

At Yoga by Abbey

Investment: $80.00

Mini Holistic Facial & Sound Bath Experience 

I am thrilled to be joined by the Calm Down Club's very own Cassandra Bradshaw in this unique holistic experience at Yoga by Abbey. Using the healing power of touch, scent, sound and stillness, we will float into the hypnagogic state together.


hyp•na•gog•ic (adj.) hypnagogia is the transitional state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep


Enjoy a blissful mini facial experience with Certified aromatherapist and holistic skin therapist Cassandra Bradshaw (she/her) while I guide us through tranquil journey of healing sound.


You will be invited to lay comfortably on your back using the support of the yoga props for ultimate relaxation. The sacred sounds of the crystal sining bowls have a frequency that alter the brain wave state. It is possible through sound healing to reach the same brain wave state as REM sleep. This is extremely relaxing for the nervous system. The vibration of these sounds can help to clear energetic blocks and provide healing throughout the entire body. Throughout our sound journey together, Cassandra will be able to spend time with each person to provide the wonderful gift of healing hands on touch.


Intentional acupressure points on the face will be stimulated to encourage flow and chi— our life force energy—to decrease congestion and impart a radiant, healthy glow. A rejuvenating massage of the shoulders, neck, head and face will be intuitively created to support this restorative experience. Breathe in an organic blend of therapeutic essential oils and carrier oils that are chosen to support your skin’s natural ability to thrive and connect you with your heart centre.

*we invite you to arrive with a clean, product-free face.

There are only 7 spots available per session.

Upcoming Dates:

Tuesday June 20th: 5:30-7:00pm

Wednesday July 12th: 7:00-8:30pm

At Yoga by Abbey

Investment: $60.00


Summer Solstice Sunset Sound Bath

Join me on the longest day of the year at Sunset Beach in St. Catharines for a rejuvenating sound bath surrounded by nature's elements in celebration of the Summer Solstice. The Summer solstice is when the earth's tilt is closest to the sun and thus the closest we get to the sun's energy as beings on earth.


It is a time of celebrating abundance, joy and vitality. There are many rituals throughout ancient history in several different cultures to celebrate this special event in nature that happens just once a year in each hemisphere.


Tune into the vitality of the sun's energy on the beach with me through a healing sound bath with the crystal singing bowls and various other instruments.


The powerful vibration of the crystal singing bowls alters our brain wave state to one similar to REM sleep, into a theta or delta brain wave state. In this blissful state of receptivity your body is more easily able to heal, go inwards, and manifest your deepest intentions. Our brain wave state impacts our nervous system, which impacts our physical body, emotions and even the hormones we secrete. The vibrations also help us move stagnant or blocked energy in the body, promoting the alignment of the chakras, or energetic centres in the body.

Please bring a yoga mat, blanket or something to lay on. You may also like to bring a blanket for on top of you, or one as a pillow under your head. Bring whatever you need to lay comfortably on the sand for 60 minutes.

Wednesday June 21st


Sunset Beach, St. Catharines

Investment: $17.00

Oracle Card Party With Nancy Drope

During this workshop, we'll first tune in with on open heart and mind to clear our energy. This will provide you with focus for setting clear intentions of receiving messages for yourself or others for the highest good. Then we will discover how to ask the right question. Framing them with intention from your Soul's perspective which is very different then from your Ego's next fix. Understanding this will put your mind at ease to receive a sacred message.


The workshop then moves into how to draw a card (including discussion on demystifying superstitions and Oracle card misuse). Next, the fun begins with drawing cards, stimulating meaningful conversation, 'ah ha moments' and breakthroughs.


Learning to use Oracle cards as a daily practice is a wonderful way to intentionally ground each day. Having this practice gives you knowledge and can provide insight and understanding about your personal journey. Waking up to these patterns is a process and the Oracle cards are a wonderful tool to gently awaken you to your way of being in the world and in relationship with others.


Oracle Card Workshops are a FUN way to honour your sacred self. The environment allows for sharing, in community and this is where the magic happens. Being witnessed in a sacred space creates a sense of safety for vulnerability to transmute into personal power.


This workshop provides you with an opportunity to "Know Thyself" as quoted by the Oracle of Delphi. You will discover a space of deeper conversation when you step into the magic practice of the Oracle and it will be an elevated vibrational experience when you uncover a connection to your sacred Self.


Nancy does oracle card readings & workshops out of a desire to step into her purpose of helping people break free from ancestral patterns of self-sabotaging behaviours. Nancy studied with Colette Baron-Reid, International HayHouse Author and Oracle Expert, to become a Certified Oracle Guide. Enrolling in Colette’s Oracle School has been one of the most enlightening experiences of Nancy’s life, and has now inspired her to share her experience and understanding of Oracle Cards and their power, a true gift.


She is now equipped with a skill set to lead you to shift you into your inner essence. Attending a workshop or having a private reading done will begin your journey back to yourself.


This workshop includes snacks!

 Sunday June 25th


Yoga by Abbey

Investment: $60.00


Yoga Tune Up Workshop With Nancy Drope

Yoga Tune Up® encourages us to become students of our own body through awareness, breath and movements leading to the exploration of possibility with relevant context; being open to finding body blind spots and discovering unhealthy tension patterns carried in our tissues.


We learn to nurture ourselves with self-compassion thus allowing space for growth of a “new normal” bringing and restoring balance to our lives. Led by Nancy Drope, A Certified Integrated Yoga Tune Up® teacher.


In this class you will begin the process of embodying your body through methods/techniques in Self Massage using the Roll Model Therapy Balls, modified yoga poses and routines designed to make lasting physiological change relieving, erasing pain, improving posture and overall performance, mobility for daily living. Improving overall strength, flexibility and coordination.


Becoming a student of your own body is Empowering!


Using Movement as Medication allows for unique personal innovation and creativity!


Important NOTE: The balls work best on skin and tight fitting sportswear.(eg. spandex or compression) please avoid wearing loose billowy clothing. 

Sunday June 25th


Yoga by Abbey

Investment: $50.00

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