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August Full Moon Circle ft. Nancy Drope

Dive deeper into yourself and release all that no longer serves you in this popular monthly workshop with myself and Nancy Drope. A powerful experience of self discovery and community healing. This August full moon is in the astrological sign of Aquarius.

Begin the night with an engaging astrology discussion with Nancy and receive your personal horoscope for this full moon.


Release what no longer serves you through intentional yoga postures in a full moon yang to yin yoga practice with me. Yang to yin is a style of practice beginning with vinyassa (flow) yoga and ending in deep yin yoga.


Rest peacefully in savasana for a healing sound bath featuring Nancy's sacred gong and the vibrations of the crystal singing bowls.


Thursday August 11th

Yoga by Abbey

82 Lake Street St. Catharines


Investment: $40.00

*members save $5 with the code COMMITTED at checkout

Goddess Circle


Join us for our second Goddess Circle at the studio... the first one was so awesome, join me for another!

This event is for anyone looking to embrace community, connection and self discovery.

The evening will commence with an opening sound meditation, intention setting and journal reflection to get clear on our why for being in the circle.

We then move our bodies through an intentional sequence of yoga postures along with intuitive movement and dance.

We then walk together to the park for intention burning and sharing over a light picnic.

The evening concludes with a Yoga Nidra and Sound Bath at the studio to help us manifest our intention deep within our subconscious.

The flow and sequence of events in this experience is intentional. It is a wonderful way to get out of your comfort zone and meet like minded folks.

Friday August 12th


Yoga by Abbey

Investment: $60

*members save $5 with the code COMMITTED

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Yoga & Brunch at Bushel & Peck

Let's celebrate community!


Join us outdoors on the back patio at Bushel & Peck just down the street from the studio for a 60 minute deep flow Yoga practice ending with a sweet extended Savasana for a healing sound bath. Deep Flow is a a slower moving Vinyassa practice where the sequence will flow from posture to posture focusing on length and expansion in the body. This class is open to all levels of ability. You may want to bring a blanket or an extra yoga mat for under your yoga mat to double up on the ground.


After your yoga practice, connect, nourish and enjoy the vibe at Bushel & Peck. Brunch, coffee and drinks will be sold separately so that you can enjoy as you wish! Enjoy a coffee and a nourishing meal from their delicious menu to refuel your body after your practice. This class is included in all studio memberships and class packages. Come and celebrate one another!

Saturday August 13th

Yoga from 9:00-10:00am

Brunch and coffee will be sold separately afterwards.

Drop in to yoga for $15

Class included in memberships and class packages.

August Day Retreat at Cave Spring Vineyard

Join me in the heart of wine country for a rejuvenating day of mindfulness, movement, nature, local cuisine and sustainable niagara wine.

The day begins in the beautiful purple barn at Cave Spring Vineyard for a rejuvenating Hatha yoga practice designed to suit all abilities. Enjoy the healing vibrations of the crystal singing bowls while you rest in savasana post yoga practice.

After yoga, we hike together through the beautiful vineyards at Cave Spring to neighbouring winery Malivoire, the first gravity-flow winery in Canada, for a unique wine and cheese tasting experience.

We hike back together through the vineyards to Cave Spring for a delicious catered lunch from local restaurant Revalee Brunch Café paired with a glass of wine from Cave Spring.

We close the day together by the vineyard for meditation, sound and gratitude.

Take home a gift bag with a bottle of wine from both Cave Spring and Malivoire to remember this wonderful day.

Sunday August 14th


Cave Spring Vineyard

Investment: $112.94


Raise Your Vibration Sunset Sound Bath

Raise your vibration in community through the power of healing sound!


Find me on Sunset Beach from 7:30-8:30pm for a special 60 minute sound healing session in the sand. Bring your favourite beach blanket, or whatever you wish to make yourself comfortable and prepare to unwind! You will be lying down for the entire duration of the practice as relaxed as possible.


The frequency of sound from the crystal singing bowls brings harmony to the brain waves and balance to your right and left brain. Sound healing has a profound impact on the nervous system, bringing you into a deeply restorative state where you are able to open up and better receive your own healing and intentions. This powerful practice may reduce physical pain, lower depression, reduce anxiety, decrease blood pressure and promote the alignment of your energetic centres (your Chakras). This practice is suitable for all ages and abilities, no experience required. If this is your first time, you are in for a blissful experience!

Thursday August 18th 7:30-8:30pm

Sunset Beach, St. Catharines

Investment: $15

Included in studio membership and class packages.

Spirit Pendulum Workshop with Roberta

This workshop offers an enjoyable introduction to the use of both traditional as well as Spirit pendulums.

The first hour is focused on ways to use traditional pendulums for divination, decision making and health assessment.
In the second hour we go beyond the basics and learn to create and sanctify our own one of a kind personalized Spirit Pendulum.

Each student is provided with the following materials as part of the workshop fee: 

One pendulum
One spirit pendulum jar and lid
Sacred smudge

*Please bring a small special item for your spirit pendulum jar if you wish. These may include a talisman, protection item, symbol of faith, lucky charm or other sacred symbol.

Saturday August 20th


Yoga by Abbey

Investment: $65.00 (includes materials)

*Members save $5 with the code COMMITTED at checkout


Yin Yoga & Sound Bath

Join me for the ultimate self care to ease you into your Sunday.


Enjoy a rejuvenating 75 minute Yin Yoga and Sound Bath at the studio. Yin Yoga is a meditative style of yoga where floor postures are held for approximately 3 to 7 minutes per side without force. The practitioner is encouraged to soften the muscular layer of the body in order to access the deeper (yin) tissues of the body, like our fascia, ligaments and joints. The time in each posture also provides long periods of stillness and introspection, connecting you to your deeper wisdom.


In this special session, I pair the healing sounds of the crystal singing bowls with our Yin yoga practice to help us soften even further into this transformational experience. The frequency of sound from the crystal singing bowls helps to balance the right and left side of the brain, harmonize the brain waves and relax the entire nervous system. Sound healing has been shown to reduce physical pain, ease a racing mind, promote balance to the Chakra system and helps lower anxiety and depression.

Sunday August 21st


Yoga by Abbey

Investment: $20

*Members save $5 with the code COMMITTED

Summer Celebration Sunset Sound Bath

Let's celebrate the summer together in gratitude!


Join me on Sunset beach for 60 minutes of healing sound while resting peacefully in Savasana on the sand. Bring your favourite beach blanket and absorb the healing vibrations of the crystal singing bowls.


Sound healing has a profound impact on the nervous system, the frequency of sound from these sacred instruments help to balance the right and left side of the brain. This special practice has been shown to reduce anxiety and depression, reduce physical pain, and promotes the alignment of the chakra system.

Suitable for all ages and abilities.

Tuesday August 30th


Sunset Beach, St. Catharines

Investment: $15.00

Included in studio memberships and class packages.