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Djembe Drumming Series With Roberta

Enjoy this 4 part introduction to djembe drumming. The djembe is said to be one of the easiest percussion instruments a student can learn to play. It's enjoyable and energizes the spirit. You will feel confident in the musical talents you develop during this series. Each class may be attended independently of the others or take all 4.

Investment: $25.00 per session.

*students must provide their own instrument


Remaining Classes:

Let's Shake It Up

December 17th 11:00am-12:00pm

We will add additional instruments to the beat of our djembes. Voice and small percussion will to our experience. Get ready for that drum circle!

Yoga Tune Up With Nancy Drope

What is Yoga Tune Up ®?

Yoga Tune Up® encourages us to become students of our own body through awareness, breath and movements leading to the exploration of possibility with relevant context; being open to finding body blind spots and discovering unhealthy tension patterns carried in our tissues.


We learn to nurture ourselves with self-compassion thus allowing space for growth of a “new normal” bringing and restoring balance to our lives.


The classes embody methods/techniques in Self Massage using Therapy Balls, modified yoga poses/ routines designed to make lasting physiological change, relieving /erasing pain, improving posture and overall performance/mobility for daily life.


Yoga Tune Up ® embodies each individual as they are, regardless of their current level of fitness. Classes will improve overall strength, flexibility and coordination.

Becoming a student of your own body is Empowering!
Using Movement as Medication allows for unique personal innovation and creativity!

Do you or someone you know suffer from tension headaches, neck and shoulder discomfort, low back pain, tight hips, lower leg cramping, fallen arches, bunions, foot discomfort, general stiffness or body aches, depression, anxiety? 

Learning methods for self care improves one's OWN Being 

Week #1 Lower Back & Hips 

Week #2 Shoulders and T- Spine

Week #3 Abdominal Massage, Breathing Mechanics & Down 

Regulation of your Nervous System 

Week #4 Total Body Roll Out

Yoga by Abbey

Wednesday November 30th, December 14th, December 21st & December 28th.


Investment: $175.00

*includes your very own set of Yoga Tune Up ® up balls to keep!


Day Retreat at Cave Spring Vineyard

This beautiful day retreat will begin at 10:00am with a rejuvenating Hatha Yoga Practice designed for all levels of ability in the cozy purple events barn at Cave Spring Vineyard. Enjoy a mimosa with sparkling wine from Cave Spring Vineyard after practice.


We will then embark on a hike together to the Cave Spring Retreat House located in the vineyards and get cozy by the fireplace for a mindfulness workshop. Learn about and practice mindfulness techniques, ask questions and discover ways to live more mindfully.


After our workshop we will enjoy a tranquil sound bath, embracing the healing vibrations of the crystal singing bowls. Sound healing has a profound impact on our brain wave state, it has the potential to bring healing to the entire being.


Feeling peaceful and relaxed, we will hike back to the tasting room at Cave Spring Vineyard for delicious catered lunch by Revalee Brunch Café paired with a glass of wine from Cave Spring Vineyard.


Each participant receives a gift bag with two different bottles of wine from Cave Spring to take home with them to remember the special day!

November 26th & December 11th 2022

Cave Spring Vineyard, Beamsville


Investment: $125.00

.Oracle Party With Nancy Drope

What you will Explore:


During this workshop, we'll first tune in with on open heart and mind to clear our energy. This will provide you with focus for setting clear intentions of receiving messages for yourself or others for the highest good. Then we will discover how to ask the right question. Framing them with intention from your Soul's perspective which is very different then from your Ego's next fix. Understanding this will put your mind at ease to receive a sacred message.


The workshop then moves into how to draw a card (including discussion on demystifying superstitions and Oracle card misuse). Next, the fun begins with drawing cards, stimulating meaningful conversation, 'ah ha moments' and breakthroughs.


Learning to use Oracle cards as a daily practice is a wonderful way to intentionally ground each day. Having this practice gives you knowledge and can provide insight and understanding about your personal journey. Waking up to these patterns is a process and the Oracle cards are a wonderful tool to gently awaken you to your way of being in the world and in relationship with others.


Oracle Card Workshops are a FUN way to honour your sacred self. The environment allows for sharing, in community and this is where the magic happens. Being witnessed in a sacred space creates a sense of safety for vulnerability to transmute into personal power.


This workshop provides you with an opportunity to "Know Thyself" as quoted by the Oracle of Delphi. You will discover a space of deeper conversation when you step into the magic practice of the Oracle and it will be an elevated vibrational experience when you uncover a connection to your sacred Self.


Nancy does oracle card readings & workshops out of a desire to step into her purpose of helping people break free from ancestral patterns of self-sabotaging behaviours. Nancy studied with Colette Baron-Reid, International HayHouse Author and Oracle Expert, to become a Certified Oracle Guide. Enrolling in Colette’s Oracle School has been one of the most enlightening experiences of Nancy’s life, and has now inspired her to share her experience and understanding of Oracle Cards and their power, a true gift. She is now equipped with a skill set to lead you to shift you into your inner essence.


Attending a workshop or having a private reading done will begin your journey back to yourself.


This workshop includes snacks!

Sunday December 4th


Yoga by Abbey

Investment: $60.00

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December Full Moon Circle

Join Nancy Drope and I in this popular monthly workshop diving deep into the themes of the Full Moon. Understanding these forces creates empowerment and awareness within our own selves and our own lives.

This full moon is in the sign of Gemini. Communication, attitude and a sense of adventure may be important themes for us to consider at this time!

Full moons illuminate the darkness within. It is the perfect opportunity to look at what is no longer serving you in your life and let it go!

This workshop includes:

-An interactive astrology lesson with Nancy Drope where you will receive your own horoscope for this full moon based on you rising sign. Nancy helps us to understand the energies surrounding us and how to use them for self empowerment and self discovery. Pull an oracle card to help you set your intention for the evening.

-A yang to yin yoga practice with me exploring and bringing harmony to the yang and yin energies within you. Our sequence will help us explore and get curious about the themes of this full moon with opportunities to release what no longer serves you through movement and breath.

-A tranquil sound bath post-practice while you rest peacefully in Savasana. Nancy and I harmonize the beautiful sounds of the crystal singing bowls and gong to bathe your nervous system in healing vibrations. Allow your energy to shift and leave feeling cleansed.

Wednesday December 7th


Yoga by Abbey

Investment: $40.00

Manifestation & Vision Board Workshop

Join me at the Yoga by Abbey studio for an evening all about manifesting the life you truly desire and that aligns with your soul!


Create your very own vision board in community and surrounded by good vibes.


This workshop will begin with a discussion on the art of manifestation and how to tap into your soul desire. We will chat about ways to incorporate manifestation into your daily life and put it into practice.


I will then lead us through a guided journal reflection to help you get in touch with your soul desire and clarify the direction you want to take with your vision board.


Together we will go inwards and tap into our manifestation energy as I guide us through a manifestation meditation with the healing sounds of the crystal singing bowls.


After getting clear on our direction the creating begins! You will create your very own vision board using a large white bristol board as your canvas and cut-outs of words, images, small items, etc. to help you create your vision.


I will supply as many old magazines as I can, but you are more than welcome to print off and/or bring anything you may want to add to your personal vision board.


Enjoy the community vibe and festive treats while you create your masterpiece.


Friday December 9th


Yoga by Abbey

$40.00 Investment.

Price includes all building materials, workshop and snacks!

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Smudging Workshop With Roberta

Smudging is a spiritual practice used in many cultures and traditions for the purpose of removing negative energies from people, spaces and objects.


It is a simple but effective ritual that will improve your life.


In this 90 minute workshop with Roberta you will learn about the art of smudging and will become acquainted with the tools and sacred plants used in this practice.


You will also enjoy learning to craft your own one of a kind feather smudge wand.


Our guide Roberta is a chemist who counts among her teachers at Cayuga medicine man and crystal healer Karen Ryan, author of the Complete Idiots Guide to Crystals. She owns retail store Void of Course Crystals in St Catharines Ontario.

She has been taught the art of smudging from very widely respected healers.

Saturday December 10th


Yoga by Abbey Studio

Investment: $50.00

*Includes workshop and craft supplies

Mindfulness & Macrame Workshop

Slow down to embrace the present moment this holiday season! Join myself and Ashley from Knotted by Ash in our holiday edition Mindfulness & Macrame Workshop.


This workshop will begin with an interactive mindfulness workshop with myself. We will discuss what it means to live mindfully, how to incorporate mindfulness into your daily live, learn simple mindfulness practices that you can start applying at home and enjoy a mini sound bath meditation.


After learning about living mindfully and tapping into the here and now, Ashley will guide us through creating our very own Macrame holiday ornaments. These ornaments make the perfect edition to your Christmas tree, can be an adorable wall hanger or car mirror decoration, or the perfect holiday gift!


Macrame requires us to use both of our hands and focus on what we are doing.. it is the perfect way to apply the skills we have learned in the workshop and enjoy the benefits of living mindfully! Enjoy tasty festive treats while you create your ornaments.


Ashley is the owner and creator of Knotted by Ash. She creates beautiful handmade macrame pieces that you may have seen before at a local market, on Etsy or on her instagram page @knottedbyash. This workshop is for all levels of ability. You do not need any yoga, meditation or mindfulness knowledge to attend.

Investment: $45.00

*Includes workshop, snacks and all building materials


Winter Solstice Celebration

December 21st is the day of the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. It marks the official start of the winter season.


Since the Summer solstice, the sun has set earlier and earlier each day. The Winter Solstice marks the day when the days begin to grow longer and longer once again until the summer solstice.


As this is also known as the "shortest" day of the year or the day with the least daylight, this is a time of going inwards, reflection, and building a connection to self. It also symbolizes rebirth, as the sun now gradually gets closer to earth once again, slowly providing us with more and more daylight each day.


Join me at the Yoga by Abbey studio for a special Winter Solstice Celebration. The intention of this two hour event is to create a sacred space for us to go inwards, self reflection and celebrate our oneness with nature as we flow with her cycles.


The evening will begin with a guided journal reflection, bringing awareness, celebration and compassion to your journey since the summer solstice.


We will then move into a guided Yoga Nidra and sound bath practice. Yoga Nidra is a guided journey inwards towards the sacred self. It is a powerful an ancient practice that is extremely restorative for the nervous system. Traditionally students enjoy this practice laying down in Savasana with a blanket for warmth and props for ultimate comfort (all props will be provided). This practice is paired with the healing vibrations of the crystal singing bowls, helping us to journey deeper within ourselves. These sacred instruments help us to drop into a meditative state and support the healing of our entire body.


Our evening will finish with a Cacao ceremony. You will receive a warm cup of ceremonial cacao and together we honour the abundance that mother earth provides, take time to reflect, and infuse our intentions for the next 6 months into our cup! This experience is for all levels of ability.


There is no yoga or meditation experience necessary, you are welcome as you are.

Wednesday December 21st

Yoga by Abbey


Investment: $35.00

Energy Shift: Reiki & Sound Bath

This tranquil 90 minute experience includes a healing sound bath and hands-on reiki healing by certified healer Adrianna Mucciarelli.


This special session will focus on the chakra system, the energetic centres in our body. Each of my crystal signing bowls has a note that resonates with each chakra, working to promote balance.


As you are guided through a sound bath meditation, bringing awareness and healing to each of these centres, Adrianna will come around and provide hands-on reiki healing.


The frequency of the crystal singing bowls has a profound healing affect on our brainwave state, allowing us to access the same brain wave state as REM sleep. Our brain impacts our nervous system, which impacts our physical body, emotions and even the hormones we secrete! Sound has the potential to provide healing to the entire body.


What is Reiki?

Adrianna has provided us with a lovely description written below:


Reiki is an ancient holistic healing technique that aligns our body, minds, and spirits. When the word ‘Reiki’ is translated it means, “spiritually guided life force energy”. This life force energy is alive and flowing through all of us.


Reiki is wise and has a deeper knowing. This means that Reiki has the ability to understand every person perfectly and completely including what each person is ready to heal, when they are ready to heal it, and how to heal it.


Just as our bodies have a physical anatomy, each of us also has an energetic anatomy. Energy (or Ki) flows through our bodies and around our bodies through energy centres called the Chakras and the Bio-energetic field. When energy is disrupted or distorted, it can cause stress or dis-ease in the physical body. Reiki actively assists in activating, redirecting, and balancing any negative or distorted energy.


Reiki can never cause harm or attract evil. It is encoded in such a way that only allows it to be used for the highest and greatest good of each person receiving its gift.


Benefits of Reiki:

⁃ Relieves stress ⁃ Energizes the body, mind and spirit ⁃ Supports relaxation ⁃ Treats physical pain and illness in the body. ⁃ Enhances positive mental wellness ⁃ Decreases symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Tuesday December 27th


Yoga by Abbey

Investment: $50.00