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Mini Holistic Facial & Sound Bath Experience 

I am thrilled to be joined by the Calm Down Club's very own Cassandra Bradshaw in this unique holistic experience at Yoga by Abbey. Using the healing power of touch, scent, sound and stillness, we will float into the hypnagogic state together.


hyp•na•gog•ic (adj.) hypnagogia is the transitional state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep


Enjoy a blissful mini facial experience with Certified aromatherapist and holistic skin therapist Cassandra Bradshaw (she/her) while I guide us through tranquil journey of healing sound.


You will be invited to lay comfortably on your back using the support of the yoga props for ultimate relaxation. The sacred sounds of the crystal sining bowls have a frequency that alter the brain wave state. It is possible through sound healing to reach the same brain wave state as REM sleep. This is extremely relaxing for the nervous system. The vibration of these sounds can help to clear energetic blocks and provide healing throughout the entire body. Throughout our sound journey together, Cassandra will be able to spend time with each person to provide the wonderful gift of healing hands on touch.


Intentional acupressure points on the face will be stimulated to encourage flow and chi— our life force energy—to decrease congestion and impart a radiant, healthy glow. A rejuvenating massage of the shoulders, neck, head and face will be intuitively created to support this restorative experience. Breathe in an organic blend of therapeutic essential oils and carrier oils that are chosen to support your skin’s natural ability to thrive and connect you with your heart centre.

*we invite you to arrive with a clean, product-free face.

There are only 7 spots available per session.

Sunday March 12th & Saturday April 1st


Yoga by Abbey

Investment: $50.00


Psychic Drum Circle

Roberta is the owner of Void of Course Crystals. She is a Chemist, Spiritual Healer and Psychic Medium. She has many years of experience both facilitating drum circles and teaching djembe drum lessons.


This event offers fun for everyone. Rounds of percussion will be followed by a series of psychic experiments designed to enhance your powers of intuition. No musical or psychic experience required.


You are asked to bring the following items to the circle:

-one small item that belongs to you

-one small item that belongs to someone else, living or deceased

-one or more percussion instruments that may include drums, shakers, bells, claves, singing bowls or other

Saturday March 25th


Yoga by Abbey

Investment: $40.00

Sound Bath & Social at Thistle Bookshop & Café

Join me at our favourite spot in Port Dalhousie, Thistle Book Shop & Café, for a healing sound bath and followed by a delicious cozy drink while you connect with others about your experience.


In this experience you will be invited to lay down on a yoga mat supported by a bolster and blanket (provided) while you are immersed in the healing sounds of the crystal singing bowls amongst other unique sound healing instruments.


Sound Healing is extremely restorative for the nervous system. The powerful vibration and frequency from these sacred instruments shift our brain wave state to one similar to when we are in REM sleep. In this state we are much more receptive to our own healing. It also brings harmony to the left and right side of the brain, promoting clarity and calm within oneself.


Many describe the feeling of being immersed in sound healing as a "dream like state". Your experience is different every time depending on your state of being. Each note of the crystal singing bowls resonate with a different energetic centre in the body, the chakras. The sound and vibration of each note work to shift and clear blocked or stuck energy moving through these centres. This improves the wellbeing of the physical and energetic body overall.


After our sound bath experience you will have time to enjoy a delicious drink from the café (included in price). Take your time to enjoy your drink with mindfulness, reflect on your experience with others and browse the bookshop! An exclusive discount will be provided to all participants who wish to shop after class. There is absolutely no experience required to participate in this mindful evening of self care and connection.

Sunday March 26th & Sunday April 2nd

Thistle Book Shop & Café in Port Dalhousie


Investment: $35.00

*Includes your sound bath session and beverage from the café

Acupuncture Tools

Auricular Acupuncture & Sound Bath

“Auricular Acupuncture is a Microsystem of acupuncture that reflects the entire body on the ear, in a similar way to reflexology or iridology. Tiny needles are placed into acupuncture points on the outer ear, exerting a gentle stimulation that creates a response in a particular part of the body to promote natural self-healing.” - The College of Auricular Acupuncture, UK.


With over 200 pressure points on each ear, there are 5 acupuncture points that can assist with creating the balance of energy in the body. These 5 points are: the sympathetic nervous system, Shen Men, kidney, liver and lung. The benefits of treatment may include but are not limited to: relaxation, improved sleep, reduced anxiety and depression, reduced stress and tension, reduction in headaches, withdrawal management and smoking cessation.


In this experience, participants will sit comfortably with the needles in their ears for 30 to 45 minutes, while experiencing the healing sounds and vibration of the crystal singing bowls in the safe environment of the studio.


As with any alternative modality, and depending on the needs of the person, not all participants “feel something” initially but, some participants experience a physical sensation during their first session. Results are different for everyone. Even if there is no physical experience on a conscious level, subconsciously the body will benefit from the treatment.


Iona is a Registered Social Service Worker, who has worked in the field of addictions for the past 30 years as an Addictions Counsellor. In 2011, she became a certified Auricular Acupuncturist, primarily providing this service to clients in all stages of addiction recovery. Now, she is sharing her knowledge, experience and skills with anyone who is interested in discovering how add another “tool” to their selfcare “toolbox”. She believes that everyone can benefit from this practice and has had the privilege of witnessing the progression of health and well being in her clients, friends and family over the years.

Saturday April 1st 


Yoga by Abbey

Investment: $70.00

April Full Moon Circle

The April full moon is in the sign of Libra. It is in opposition to the sun in the sign of Aries. Libra is an air sign, while Aries is a fire sign. Themes that may surface around this time relate to romance, relationships, fertilization and epiphanies.


This ritualistic event hosted by myself and astrology expert Nancy Drope is a way to tune into the themes and energy of the full moon for self discovery and transformation.


The full moon is a time of reflecting on the intentions we set at the new moon, evaluating what no longer serves us and releasing it. When the moon is full it is in its brightest illumination. It "shines light" on the darkness within us, bringing up to the surface and to our awareness what is no longer serving our highest good. Tuning in helps us make sense of these insights and emotions and empower us to create change for our highest good.


This two hour experience begins with an interactive astrology lesson with Nancy Drope. Together we explore the themes of this new moon, receive our own personal horoscope based on our rising sign in astrology, and select an oracle card to help us set an intention for our practice.


I then lead us through an intentional Yang to Yin yoga practice, guiding us through postures that help us embody the themes of this full moon and release what no longer serves us. By tapping into both our yang and yin energy we establish a sense of balance and clarity. This helps us establish what we want to focus on to move towards our highest selves with clear intention. Yang to yin begins with a vinyassa style of movement, flowing from posture to posture with movement and breath, increasing the heart rate and moving energy in the body. The practice then seamlessly transitions into yin postures, passive postures on the earth held for 3 to 5 minutes per side providing a deep stretch, rich moments of introspection, and ample opportunities to release tension and emotion.


Our yoga practice leads us into a restful Savasana pose, supported by props and a blanket, to receive a tranquil sound bath from the healing crystal bowls and sacred gong. Together we will float into a dream like state, restoring mind, body & spirit.


Upon leaving we burn in our ceremonial burning pot what we wish to release that is no longer serving our highest good, sending this intention up into the ether. There is no experience necessary to join us in this special ritual!


*Please note that when registering, you will be asked to provide your RISING sign in astrology. Your rising sign is different than you sun sign, which is the one we are most often familiar with. If you are unsure of your rising sign you can easily calculate it yourself online. If you need assistance do not hesitate to reach out to myself at or Nancy Drope at By doing this, Nancy is able to provide you with your personal full moon horoscope.

Friday April 7th


Yoga by Abbey

Investment: $45.00

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