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Arm Balances, Headstands & Handstands with Abbey

Flip your perspective with me in this 90 minute workshop experience focusing on arm balances, headstands and headstands.


Together we will safely break down and work on postures such as crow pose (kakasana), crane pose (bakasana), side crow pose (parsva bakasana), firefly pose (tittibhasana), flying pigeon pose (eka pada galavasana), forearm stand (pincha mayurasana), headstand (shirshasana) and handstand (adho mukha vrksasana). It is recommended that you are able to hold yourself up in a high plank position to attempt these advanced yoga postures safely.


Whether you are new to yoga inversions or a practiced practitioner this workshop is sure to challenge your strength, bring you out of your comfort zone, and enhance your body awareness. You will surprise yourself with how these postures feel when approached with the correct technique.


In this workshop we will work both independently and as a group, learning progressions that help us work towards each posture. There will be moments where you are able to work on the progression or step that you are on, while I come around and provide one to one assistance and hands on support to those who desire.

Enjoy a relaxing mini sound bath at the end of the session to rejuvenate your being after all your hard work.


This workshop includes free access to online tutorial videos recorded by Abbey to help you safely practice and continue your progress after the workshop!

This is an intimate session with just 8 spots available.


Your safety is my top priority in this workshop. Previous to becoming an advanced yoga instructor, I spent many years as a cheerleading, acrobatics and tumbling coach. I have experience with helping hundreds of folks safely learn to hold themselves up while upside down and am confident in my ability to support you!


Saturday February 17th


Yoga by Abbey

Investment: $40.00

50 Minute Private Psychic Reading with Roberta

Gain insight and clarity through a private psychic reading with Roberta at the Yoga by Abbey studio.


Roberta is a professional Psychic Medium working locally in the Niagara region. She is the owner of Void of Course Crystals in St. Catharines, Ontario.


Roberta invites you to come with questions if desired. If you do not have questions this is okay too, you will have a meaningful reading either way.

Investment: $120.00

Available dates:

silas-van-overeem-7ga11BHwXHY-unsplash (2).jpg

Full Moon in Virgo Circle with Abbey & Nancy

Join myself and Nancy Drope in this popular monthly experience tuning into the energy of the Full Moon at the Yoga by Abbey studio in St. Catharines. This full moon is in the earthy astrological sign of Virgo!


This experience begins with an engaging astrology discussion with Nancy Drope, helping you to understand and integrate the themes of the full moon into your being. You will receive your personal horoscope for this full moon based on your rising sign in astrology and get to interact with the oracle cards to help you set your intention for the evening.


I will then guide us through an intentional full moon yoga practice, exploring the themes of this full moon through movement breath and awareness. Together we will shift and move stagnant energy and release all that no longer serves our highest good!


Our yoga practice will lead us into a restful savasana pose, prepared to immerse ourselves in the healing vibration of sound. With the crystal singing bowls and the gong, Nancy and I will take you on a blissful sound healing journey, rejuvenating your mind body and spirit.


Conclude the evening by burning away what no longer serves you into the ceremonial burning pot. A truly empowering and transformative experience, all are welcome!


There is no experience necessary to participate in this powerful circle.

Saturday February 24th


Yoga by Abbey

Investment: $60.00

Breath & Sound Journey with Abbey

The word for breath in Sanskrit is "prana". Prana refers to our life force energy. The breath is the first thing we connect with when we enter this world, and the last thing we connect with when we exit this world, it is quite literally our life force.


In this special journey you will learn about the power of connecting with your breath and review the mechanics of functional breathing for vitality. Together we will discuss the impact of the breath on the nervous system, adding meaning to our journey.


We will then experience the power of working with the breath through a series of consciousness raising ayurvedic breathwork practices both energizing and cleansing, and then calming and relaxing to the nervous system. Experience moments of bliss and discover that you have the power to shift your state of being with the tools that exist within you already. These are practices you will be able to take with you and practice on your own after our journey to raise your vibration.


Our breathwork practice will seamlessly lead us into our sound journey. Laying on the earth supported by props and feeling deeply relaxed from your breath practice, we will immerse ourselves in the powerful vibration of healing sound from the crystal singing bowls and other various sound healing instruments. Let go of all effort and surrender into a state of bliss while the frequency and vibration recalibrate your being.


The frequency and vibration of the crystal singing bowls have the potential to shift our brain wave state to a theta or delta brain waves. This is often described as a dream-like state, similar to when we are falling into our rising out of REM sleep. This state is extremely restorative for the nervous system, mind and emotions and even the hormones we secrete. Sound has the ability to bring healing to the entire body.


The specific notes of the crystal bowls also work with the chakra system, the energetic centres in the body, helping to clear energetic blocks and promote the harmonious flow of energy. Everyone's journey will be unique based on the state of the chakras. You are always receiving the healing and energy that your being requires to shift back into equilibrium.


Enjoy herbal tea and reflect in a journal to help you integrate your experience after your journey.


There is no experience necessary to partake in this powerful session.

Sunday February 25th


Yoga by Abbey

Investment: $60.00


Oracle Card Party with Nancy Drope

During this workshop, we'll first tune in with on open heart and mind to clear our energy. This will provide you with focus for setting clear intentions of receiving messages for yourself or others for the highest good. Then we will discover how to ask the right question. Framing them with intention from your Soul's perspective which is very different then from your Ego's next fix. Understanding this will put your mind at ease to receive a sacred message.


The workshop then moves into how to draw a card (including discussion on demystifying superstitions and Oracle card misuse). Next, the fun begins with drawing cards, stimulating meaningful conversation, 'ah ha moments' and breakthroughs. Learning to use Oracle cards as a daily practice is a wonderful way to intentionally ground each day. Having this practice gives you knowledge and can provide insight and understanding about your personal journey.


Waking up to these patterns is a process and the Oracle cards are a wonderful tool to gently awaken you to your way of being in the world and in relationship with others. Oracle Card Workshops are a FUN way to honour your sacred self. The environment allows for sharing, in community and this is where the magic happens. Being witnessed in a sacred space creates a sense of safety for vulnerability to transmute into personal power. This workshop provides you with an opportunity to "Know Thyself" as quoted by the Oracle of Delphi.


You will discover a space of deeper conversation when you step into the magic practice of the Oracle and it will be an elevated vibrational experience when you uncover a connection to your sacred Self.


Nancy does oracle card readings & workshops out of a desire to step into her purpose of helping people break free from ancestral patterns of self-sabotaging behaviours.


Nancy studied with Colette Baron-Reid, International HayHouse Author and Oracle Expert, to become a Certified Oracle Guide. Enrolling in Colette’s Oracle School has been one of the most enlightening experiences of Nancy’s life, and has now inspired her to share her experience and understanding of Oracle Cards and their power, a true gift. She is now equipped with a skill set to lead you to shift you into your inner essence. Attending a workshop or having a private reading done will begin your journey back to yourself.


This workshop includes snacks!

Sunday February 25th


Yoga by Abbey

Investment: $60.00

Mini Facial & Sound Bath

I am thrilled to be joined by the Calm Down Club's very own Cassandra Bradshaw in this unique holistic experience at Yoga by Abbey.


Using the healing power of touch, scent, sound and stillness, we will float into the hypnagogic state together.

Hyp•na•gog•ic (adj.)

Hypnagogia is the transitional state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep .


Enjoy a blissful mini facial experience with Certified aromatherapist and holistic skin therapist Cassandra Bradshaw (she/her) while I guide us through tranquil journey of healing sound. You will be invited to lay comfortably on your back using the support of the yoga props for ultimate relaxation.


The sacred sounds of the crystal sining bowls have a frequency that alter the brain wave state. It is possible through sound healing to reach the same brain wave state as REM sleep. This is extremely relaxing for the nervous system. The vibration of these sounds can help to clear energetic blocks and provide healing throughout the entire body.


Throughout our sound journey together, Cassandra will be able to spend time with each person to provide the wonderful gift of healing hands on touch. Intentional acupressure points on the face will be stimulated to encourage flow and chi— our life force energy—to decrease congestion and impart a radiant, healthy glow. A rejuvenating massage of the shoulders, neck, head and face will be intuitively created to support this restorative experience. Breathe in an organic blend of therapeutic essential oils and carrier oils that are chosen to support your skin’s natural ability to thrive and connect you with your heart centre.

Enjoy herbal tea after your session.


*we invite you to arrive with a clean, product-free face.

There are only 7 spots available per session.

Upcoming Dates:

March 8th: 7:00-8:30pm


at Yoga by Abbey

Investment: $70.00

Click a date below to reserve your spot

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