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Peaceful Warriors

A trauma informed youth yoga program in collaboration with the Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre

Peaceful Warriors is a  program led through a trauma informed approach. There will be no hands-on touch, adjustments or corrections. Rather than focusing on practicing yoga postures “perfectly”, participants will be guided to explore and connect with movement and their bodies in a way that fosters mindfulness and self-compassion. All guidance provided will use “invitational” and inclusive language that empowers participants to make choices that best suit them in the moment. This program is designed to explore, apply and integrate mindfulness as a way to self discover and self soothe through the practices of yoga in a modern and approachable way for youth audiences.

In this program children ages 6 to 9 will explore themes such as self compassion, tools for coping with emotions, mindfulness, self awareness, autonomy and empowerment through yogic practices, crafts and self reflection.

This special program is designed for youth who have completed their investigation process with FACS Niagara or the Niagara Regional Police or those who have experienced abuse or trauma and come at no cost to the participant. All tools needed for the program, including a yoga mat, a provided to the child courtesy of The Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre.

For more information please contact the program team at the Centre at 905-937-5434 x 7024 or email:

You may also fill out an application form on the Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre Website by clicking the button below!

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