Yoga Tools For Better Sleep
With Cheryl Gordon ICAYT, RYT 500

Getting sleep is so natural for many but can be a frustrating and worrisome challenge for others. Do you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep?


The Yoga Tools for Better Sleep course may be a life changer! You'll learn the "secret" code of sleep and how to apply techniques to improve your rest.

With over 20 years teaching experience, Cheryl has embraced over 1000 hours of professional training. She specializes in yoga therapy which means she adapts the classical teachings for individual circumstances. She is the former owner and operator of the Yoga Centre of Niagara.


Week One:

Understanding the Nervous System and Sleep hormones

stages of sleep

what is relaxation response

practice: guided relaxation


Week Two:

Nutrition and Lifestyle for Better Sleep

nutrients that support the parasympathetic nerves

following nature's clock

setting up a sleep routine

practice: stretching before bed


Week Three:

The Role of Breath

breath as a window to the autonomic nervous system

connection of breath to body

movement practice: three different relaxation focused pranayama


Week Four:


types of brain waves

yoga approach to meditation (finding sattva) practice: mindfulness meditaiton for sleep


Each week, there will be a handout with key points to support you in your learning. Practising the tools at home will create a shift to help you sleep better.


No yoga experience is necessary at all. Some activities will be floor based however.


This course will take place on Sundays from 8:00pm-9:00pm for four weeks beginning on November 6th, with a one week break between week 3 and 4 (November 20th). The course dates are November 6th, November 13th, November 27th and December 4th.

Djembe Drumming Series With Roberta

Enjoy this 4 part introduction to djembe drumming. The djembe is said to be one of the easiest percussion instruments a student can learn to play. It's enjoyable and energizes the spirit. You will feel confident in the musical talents you develop during this series. Each class may be attended independently of the others or take all 4.

Investment: $25.00 per session.

*students must provide their own instrument

 If You Can Say It, You Can Play It

November 19th 11:00am-12:00pm

Various exercises are compiled from your instructor's years of lessons and her experiences as a drum circle facilitator. Top tips for becoming skilled quickly and easily will be featured at this class.

Let's Shake It Up

December 17 11:00am-12:00pm


We will add additional instruments to the beat of our djembes. Voice and small percussion will to our experience. Get ready for that drum circle!


Yoga Tune Up With Nancy Drope

What is Yoga Tune Up ®?

Yoga Tune Up® encourages us to become students of our own body through awareness, breath and movements leading to the exploration of possibility with relevant context; being open to finding body blind spots and discovering unhealthy tension patterns carried in our tissues.


We learn to nurture ourselves with self-compassion thus allowing space for growth of a “new normal” bringing and restoring balance to our lives.


The classes embody methods/techniques in Self Massage using Therapy Balls, modified yoga poses/ routines designed to make lasting physiological change, relieving /erasing pain, improving posture and overall performance/mobility for daily life.


Yoga Tune Up ® embodies each individual as they are, regardless of their current level of fitness. Classes will improve overall strength, flexibility and coordination.

Becoming a student of your own body is Empowering!
Using Movement as Medication allows for unique personal innovation and creativity!

Do you or someone you know suffer from tension headaches, neck and shoulder discomfort, low back pain, tight hips, lower leg cramping, fallen arches, bunions, foot discomfort, general stiffness or body aches, depression, anxiety? 

Learning methods for self care improves one's OWN Being 

Week #1 Lower Back & Hips 

Week #2 Shoulders and T- Spine

Week #3 Abdominal Massage, Breathing Mechanics & Down 

Regulation of your Nervous System 

Week #4 Total Body Roll Out

Yoga by Abbey

Wednesday November 30th, December 14th, December 21st & December 28th.


Investment: $175.00

*includes your very own set of Yoga Tune Up ® up balls to keep!